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Flexible transparent acrylic coating designed to meet the highest defence and military standards.

Low viscosity, condensation curing silicone conformal coating.

Fast curing, low viscosity, low volatile condensation curing silicone coating.

Heat cure thermally conductive silicone encapsulant and adhesive.

Heat cured silicone encapsulant and adhesive with high thermal conductivity

RTV curing silicone adhesive with some thermal conductivity

RTV curing highly thermally conductive silicone adhesive.

RTV curing thermally conductive silicone adhesive.

Single part moisture curing silicone encapsulant.

Low viscosity extremely soft and re-enterable silicone encapsulant.

Low viscosity optically clear silicone encapsulant.

Two-part heat chemical silicone encapsulant with high thermal conductivity.

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