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Dispense Valve Controllers Range

Dispense Valve Controllers allow users to maintain precise control when dispensing fluids such as adhesives, cyanoacrylates, UV resins, silicones, and more. Fisnar offers analog, digital, and peristaltic models.
These controllers can be used as stand alone controllers to dispense directly from syringes or cartridges or used to control the various dispensing valves we also offer to give the user the best possible repeatability and allow for robot or machine integration.

Dispense Valve Controllers Range of Products

DC50 General Purpose Dispense Controller

General purpose dispense controller

Valve controller for all Fisnar I-Series and V-series progressive cavity valves.

Controller for Fisnar Pz1200 Piezo Electric Jet/Contact Dispense Valve.

A versatile precision dispenser with very high reliability

A versatile precision dispenser designed with I/O circuit for integrated automation

Peristaltic pump dispensers transfer low-viscosity liquids by pressure displacement.

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