PUR Hotmelts

In flat lamination, a crucial factor for quality is a smooth and even surface appearance. Any slight or more pronounced surface swelling of the wood-based substrate is prevented when using hot melt adhesives (solids content 100 %).
Polyurethane hot melts have been established in the market for many years and are the products of choice for applications which require a superior bonding quality.
They are used due to their low processing temperatures and excellent adhesion to difficult to bond substrates, and their superior long-term durability.
The highest strength and durability classes, for instance for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, can be achieved with moisture-resistant polyurethane hot melt adhesives. Especially for modern high-gloss foils based on thermoplastic plastics, PUR hot melts are the products of choice.
Polyurethane hot melts for flat lamination are applied by roller or slot nozzle.
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