Hard And Rugged Potting Compounds

Dr. Hönle AG is one of the leading suppliers of industrial UV technologies worldwide.

Our strength lies in our ability to customise products to suit the specific requirements of our customers.

Robnor Resins PX 700K-1

Medium viscosity Epoxy potting and encapsulating compound.

Robnor Resins PX 900D

Low viscosity unfilled epoxy potting and encapsulating compound

Robnor Resins EL 600F

Low viscosity fast curing polyurethane potting compound

Panacol, vitralit-u1405 UV / VIS and thermally curable epoxy resin -image- ECT Adhesives

Panacol Vitralit UD 1405

UV / VIS and thermally curable epoxy resin.


Araldite 2012

Araldite 2012 is multipurpose very fast curing Epoxy Resin

Araldite 2014-2 image - ECT Adhesives

Araldite 2014-2

Araldite 2014-2 is an Epoxy with excellent environmental and chemical…

Araldite 2021-1

Three minute very fast curing Structural MMA Adhesive.

Siroflex Clearbond

Clear MS Polymer adhesive sealant