Flexible Potting Compounds

Sometimes when the finished product will be in an environment where it will be exposed to a lot of movement it is better to use a potting compound that has flexibility.

 It can also be beneficial to use a flexible potting compound when there are large components or components with very different CTE’s on the board where there is the possibility that they can move with changes in temperature. 

 A flexible potting compound can help prevent issues over the full life of the product.

Flexible Potting Compounds Products

A very high-performance “self-healing” polyurethane resin system.

Light curing flexible potting compound with secondary moisture cure.

Heat cure thermally conductive silicone encapsulant and adhesive.

Heat cured silicone encapsulant and adhesive with high thermal conductivity

Low viscosity flexible two-part polyurethane potting compound

Medium viscosity two-part flexible polyurethane potting compound

A low viscosity extremely flexible two-part Polyurethane potting compound.

Single part moisture curing silicone encapsulant.

Low viscosity extremely soft and re-enterable silicone encapsulant.

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