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UV And Visible Light Curable Adhesives

Panacol offer a wide range of light curing medical grade adhesives. These adhesives are formulated to bond to all the regularly used substrates in the medical industry. These adhesives, when combined with the Dr. Honle Light curing systems and radiometer, offer you market leading bonding solutions and will give you the best possible bond in the best possible cycle time to provide a completely repeatable manufacturing process.

UV And Visible Light Curable Adhesives

Panacol Vitralit 7311-FO

Excellent adhesion to many plastics, Fluoresces bright orange

Excellent adhesion to many plastics. Available in various viscosities.

Light-curing adhesive with high adhesion to both plastic and metal substrates.

Very flexible, very low viscosity medical grade adhesive with low shore hardness. Excellent adhesion to rubber and elastomers

Semi flexible medical-grade adhesive, excellent adhesion to glass and plastics, specially formulated to bond hose connections or housings.

UV-curing and thermally post-curing (dual-cure) medical grade adhesive ideal for use when you have shadowed areas.

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