Industrial Dispensing Equipment Range

Industrial Dispensing Equipment Range Here

To get the best results from our adhesives it is important to dispense them according to the manafacturers recomendations this is why we offer our range of Industrial Dispensing Equipment.
We offer a wide range of dispensing equipment which will allow you to dispense our adhesives a quickly and accuratley, using the correct equipment also helps limit wasteage of product and reduce clean up time at the end of production.
Click your chosen area of interest to learn how our extensive range of high quality products can assist you.

Our Industrial Dispensing Equipment Range

Pressure pot fed roller applicator for PVA adhesives

Pressure pot fed bead applicator for PVA adhesives

Applicator system for single-part moisture polyurethane adhesives

Pizzi Pressurised Glue pot suitable for applying PVA glue economically and efficiently with minimal wastage.

Applicator system for single-part moisture polyurethane adhesives

Pressure pot and spray gun for water based and solvent based adhesives

75 mm Hand Roller for consolidating contact adhesive bonds.

Hand applicator for polyurethane and water based adheisves

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