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Post Forming Adhesives Range

Laminate countertops and panels are available in a number of shapes and edge treatments. The most common is called “post-formed,” which means that the top is formed from a single piece of laminate that’s shaped into a backsplash at the rear and a rounded edge in front. Since it’s a single piece, it has no seams to separate and no corners to catch dirt.
Traditionally this process has been done by solvent based contact adhesives but people are also now moving to laminate these substrates with PVAc dispersions and also PUR hot melts which are more environmentally friendly options and offer better temperature resistance.
The border between the edge and the coating on the underside can also be sealed with a PUR hot melt adhesive to improve the moisture resistance of the product.

Post Forming Adhesives Range Products

Jowat 128.70 Postforming PVAc

PVAc Postforming Adhesive - Jowacoll 128.70

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