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Jowat 211.50 Co-Polyamide (C0PA) Post Forming Hotmelt Adhesive

Jowat 211.50 Co-Polyamide (C0PA) Post Forming Hotmelt Adhesive

Jowat 211.50 is a Co-Polyamide (C0PA) Hotmelt Adhesive for assembly bonding in the furniture and electrical industries, e.g. for frame presses/door manufacture and for “complete postforming” procedures.
It offers high heat resistance, good resistance to oxidation and colour stability in the melt.
Processing on automatic units with nozzles.

Preliminary mechanical cleaning while hot (e.g. with a spatula). Remove any residues in the application environment when cold using Jowat® Cleaner 401.10.

Supplied as granules in 25Kg Bag.

Key features

  • Solvent free option
  • High temperature resistance

Base Co-Polyamide (C0PA) Hotmelt Adhesive

Viscosity at 190 °C [mPas]: 6,500 ± 1,500 (Brookfield, Thermosel, spindle 27, 20 rpm)

Processing temperature [°C]: 170 – 190


Technical Data Sheet

Jowat Adhesives for the Furniture Industry

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