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PUR Edgebanding Adhesives

Reactive PUR hot melt adhesives currently represent the highest quality level in edgebanding. PUR hot melts are the right choice whenever adhesives are required that create a zero bondline that are highly resistant to heat, cold, water and chemicals. What is very important when using PU/PUR adhesives is the subsequent purging of the adhesive melt tank and applicator as once cured, unlike EVA adhesive, it will not remelt. For this reason, the edgebander must always be cleaned with a suitable PU cleaner such as Jowat 930.94 after using PU/PUR hotmelt.

Jowat provide a number of products for PUR edging applications in a variety of package sizes from 500g, 600g tins, 2 and 2.5Kg slugs and Holz-Her Cartridges in a variety of colours. Key products include:
JOW 607.40
JOW 607.60 and the classic unfilled
JOW 608.00

Selection of PUR Edgebanding Adhesives Products

Jowat 608.90/91 Low Monomer PUR Edgebanding adhesive

Low monomer unfilled PUR edgebanding adhesive

Cleaner for flushing out applicator units for PUR hotmelts.

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