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Fisnar is the Worlds Leader in Industrial Robots and Automated Solutions for Fluid Dispensing.

We offer the largest selection of products including a valve for every type of material and a wide range of economic industrial robots suitable for automating a bench assembly operation or for integration in a larger in-line process. Fisnar is a manufacture dedicated to providing all industries with a cost-effective solution for the needs to dispense liquids, pastes, gels in a very controlled manner. Their jetting technology also offer solutions for micro amounts of materials to be dispensed in areas exactly as needed. There is no dispense application where Fisnar does not out-perform their competitors, and can be considered competitive in this field.

Fisnar Products


Dispensing Component Kit that includes a selection of popular tip types and sizes of QuantX™ caps, pistons and syringe barrels

Diaphragm valve designed for precise flow control of low to medium viscosity materials.

Valve controller for all Fisnar I-Series and V-series progressive cavity valves.

Controller for Fisnar Pz1200 Piezo Electric Jet/Contact Dispense Valve.

The 710PT-U Pinch Tube Dispensing Valve is engineered for precise control of low to medium viscosity liquids. The easy-to-use stroke control adjustment knob ensures accurate and repeatable dispense volumes.

Pneumatically controlled dispense tool for dispensing two-part materials packaged into 50ml cartridges

Pressure retainer for plastic and metal cartridges (300/310ml).

Spray valve provides close tolerance spraying of fluids of up to 1000cps.

The F1300N rotary table provides an efficient method of dispensing a circular pattern

Pinch Tube Dispensing Valve ideal for 2-part epoxies and cyanoacrylates

PP300 see-through chamber for dispensing low viscosity liquids.

Fisnar PTFE-Lined Dispensing Tips are stainless steel cannula with a PTFE insert lining that projects approximately 1/8” (3.18mm) from the cannula.

Manual hand dispenser for low viscosity liquids such as solvents and cyanoacrylates.

A versatile precision dispenser with very high reliability

A versatile precision dispenser designed with I/O circuit for integrated automation

Peristaltic pump dispensers transfer low-viscosity liquids by pressure displacement.

Diaphragm valve designed for precise flow control of low to medium viscosity materials.

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