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J & S Adhesives

J & S Adhesives

Established in 1989 in Lincolnshire England, by John & Sue Jackson. J & S Adhesives are a leading manufacturer and supplier of visible light curing and ultra violet (UV) light curing adhesives and resins to the glass and glazing industry. Delivering high-quality bonding and glass repair solutions for decorative glass manufacturing and glass furniture manufacturing. They are also know for being the winner of the prestigious British Government "Smart" Award for innovation and creator of the innovative Safe2Bond range of their "safelight" adhesives. Their product range also include highly regarded windscreen repair resins, with technology that out performs current technologies and their gap filling technologies out perform current systems, enabling repair rather than the replacement of a new windscreen.

J & S Adhesives Products

J&S Adhesives Nano 470-IC60

Light curing adhesive with excellent adhesion to PC, PMMA, PVC, ABS

Light curing adhesive for glass beveling low viscosity.

Light curing adhesive for glass beveling medium viscosity.

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