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Plastic & Metal Bonding

Plastic And Metal Bonding Adhesives

ECT Adhesives offer a wide range of structural adhesives for bonding metals and plastics, these adhesives can be used to replace more traditional welding which can tarnish metals and expose them to corrosion. Our structural adhesives will also allow you to bond dissimilar substrates and can be used for factory work and on site repairs.
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Our Plastic & Metal Bonding Range

2-part toughened acrylic adhesive bonds well to unprepared aluminum

Cyanoacrylate with excellent water resistance

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive for high temperature applications

Low odour, non-fogging, non frosting alkoxyethyl cyanoacrylate

Designed specifically for the bonding steel, aluminum and most metal surfaces.

Toughened cyanoacrylate with improved impact and peel strength for maximum flexibility

Suitable for use to bond silicone when used in conjunction with Permabond Polyolefin Primer (POP).

PERMABOND® 2011 is a thixotropic, fast-setting cyanoacrylate particularly suitable for use on vertical and porous substrates.

PERMABOND 105 is a low viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive ideal for use on hard-to-bond plastics and rubbers.


PERMABOND® 102 is a low viscosity general purpose cyanoacrylate adhesive.

5 minute Two-component structural methacrylate adhesive

30 minute Two-component structural methacrylate adhesive

Very Flexible Epoxy structural adhesive ideal for rubber bonding

10 minute Two-component structural methacrylate adhesive

Very fast curing MMA adhesive designed to cure in wet conditions

Fast curing MMA adhesive designed to cure in wet conditions

MMA adhesive for low surface energy products like polypropylene (PP polyethylene (PE).

Araldite 2012 is multipurpose very fast curing Epoxy Resin

Araldite 2014-2 is an Epoxy with excellent environmental and chemical resistance.

Three minute very fast curing Structural MMA Adhesive.

Epoxy adhesive Ideal for bonding GRP, SMC and dissimilar substrates.

High Viscosity Cyanoacrylate adhesive

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