Pizzi is a specalist manafacturer of dispensing equipment primarly for the woodworking Industry

Pizzi started as a cabinetmaker shop in 1958 but as the company expanded they found it difficult to get dispensing equipment for the dhesives they used in the factory. This led them to start developing their own dispensing equiment to meet their needs and finally in 1975 the company changed focus to specalise in solely manafacturing dispensing equipment for the woodworking industry. This foundation of being routed in the woodworking industry has helped the company develop many award winning products that help woodworkers all over the world to apply the required amount of adhesives in a clean and efficient manor every day.

Pizzi Products

Pressure pot fed roller applicator for PVA adhesives

Pressure pot fed bead applicator for PVA adhesives

Applicator system for single-part moisture polyurethane adhesives

Pizzi Pressurised Glue pot suitable for applying PVA glue economically and efficiently with minimal wastage.

Applicator system for single-part moisture polyurethane adhesives

Pressure pot and spray gun for water based and solvent based adhesives

Hand applicator for polyurethane and water based adheisves

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