Flooring Adhesives

ECT Adhesives offer a number of products from our partners Tremco illbruck and Sanglier aimed specifically at the installation of floor coverings such as Carpets with various backings, LVT and PVC floor coverings to a variety of substrates including Flooring Grade Plywood, OSB Board, Hardboard, Concrete etc.
In addition, we also offer the complete range of dispense equipment for these adhesives coupled with other adhesives such as PVA, Polyurethane and High Grab tube adhesives coupled with sealants so as to bring a one stop solution for all flooring installation works.
Click your chosen area of interest to learn how our extensive range of high quality products can assist you.

Our Flooring Range

Tuskbond XPRO - 500ml Aerosol Contact adhesive with latest solvent technology for minimal toxicity.

Sealant for floor joints in pedestrian walkways, warehouses, parking areas.

High solids sprayable contact adhesive suited for bonding curved surfaces

High solids sprayable water based tackafier

Specially developed for LVT, vinyl and highly plasticised floor coverings

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