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AkzoNobel Adhesives offer expert technical knowledge in core application areas that, combined with a strong customer collaboration model, generate innovative and specific bonding solutions. These tackle the most challenging gluing conditions and hard to glue wood substrates. Their adhesive systems & Technologies include Melamine formaldehyde, Urea formaldehyde, Phenol resorcinol formaldehyde, Polyvinyl acetate, Emulsion polymers, Polyurethane and Hotmelt systems. Their application know how has a strong fundamental with patented application technology integrated with adhesive solutions. This approach will guarantee high performance and great post sale support to your unique designed solution. Their application machines include both mixed in and separate application techniques, as well as a great variety of accessories.


AkzoNobel Products

AkzoNobel A201/H201 Free Formaldehyde Adhesive System

Zero formaldehyde adhesive system with a long open life and a short press time.

1205 Resin with 2545 hardener gives long open time

1205 Resin with 2584 hardener gives medium open time

1205 Resin with 2580 hardener gives short open time

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