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Nullifire - Market leaders in Intumescent Coatings and Fire Stopping Solutions

Nullifire is a market leading brand in intumescent coatings and fire stopping solutions. Nullifire is dedicated to providing practical solutions that are geared to accommodate the needs of specifiers, contractors and building owners. Nullifire are pioneers, setting the standard with systems that are optimised for the right level of fire protection. Their solutions are designed to cope with variable application conditions, both on-site and off-site, with one focus that has not and will not change - to protect people and buildings from fire. ECT Adhesives supply a wide range of Nullifier off the shelf products such as Expanding Fire Foam, Intumescent Sealants both in cartridge and 600ml Foils, Putty Pads and Collars which complement and support our wider offering of products and services to the Modular Building and Construction sector .

Nullifire Products

Nullifire FS719 HP Blue for CPVC

unique sealant developed specifically for CPVC materials

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