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Bondchem was established in 2008, bringing together over 40 combined years of adhesive formulating experience with over 25 years of technical sales and management expertise.

The result is a customer focused, flexible and innovative company, with an advanced range of products that continually extend the boundaries of structural adhesive capability.Their chemistries include Cyanoacrylates, Threadlockers, UV Curable plastic bonding systems. They also developed their White Label range of adhesives which are non hazardous and safe for both the user and also the environment. They have system which can bond most substrates depending on the application and would be considered a very good replacement for any of the standard adhesives like these on the market, while still offering a very good competitive advantage.

Bondchem Products

Parmabond A 1042

Medium strength WRAS + BSEN751 approvedpipe-sealant

Bondchem AT03 is an oil tolerant medium strength thread-locker, that cures anaerobically

5 minute Two-component structural methacrylate adhesive

30 minute Two-component structural methacrylate adhesive

10 minute Two-component structural methacrylate adhesive

MMA adhesive for low surface energy products like polypropylene (PP polyethylene (PE).

Bondchem M455 is a two component transparent methacrylate adhesive

Optically clear low viscosity adhesives which cures in seconds when exposed to high-intensity UV and or Visible light

Threadlocker ideally suited to metal fastener applications, where the prevention of vibrational loosening is required.

Bondchem WT05 is a high strength anaerobic threadlocker, designed to permanently lock metal threaded components.

High Viscosity Cyanoacrylate adhesive

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