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Ductwork And Ventilation Range

Ductwork or ducts, form part of a ventilation system, used to convey air throughout a building and can be fabricated from a range of materials such as Galvanised mild steel, Aluminium, Polyurethane and phenolic foam panels with aluminium foil facings bonded on both sides or Fibreglass to provide thermal insulation and sound absorption. Ductwork supply and return layouts may be complex, branching to all parts of a building running through voids above suspended ceilings, passing between fire compartments, incorporating components such as Distribution boxes, Take-offs, Dampers for Volume Control Smoke and Fire as well as Access Points for Maintenance. ECT Adhesives working with Global providers such as Tremco Illbruck, Nullifire, Siroflex, Tuskbond and Bondchem offer a range of products to seal duct systems to prevent loss of air pressure, Fire Stopping Products to maintain system integrity, adhesives to assist with bonding foil facings to foam sections, general Silicones and MS Polymers as well as Thread Lockers to counter issues arising from vibration difficulties with AHU’s.

Ductwork And Ventilation Range Products

Tuskbond One FR 500ml Aerosol

Aerosol Based General Purpose Contact Adhesive

MS Polymer adhesive sealant approved for use in food contact areas

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