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Vehicle Conversion And Panel Repair Adhesive Range

In the conversion of buses , vans and cars for specific uses it is necessary to use a very wide range of adhesives to help achieve the best results. We offer a wide range of adhesives, sealants and panel repair priducts to cater for this market. These products come in a variety of packaging options from small cartridges and aerosols for hand application up to larger bulk sizes which can be used to feed larger dispensing systems.We also offer products with different temperature resistance and solvent blends to suit your particular manufacturing environment or the requirements on the finished product.

Vehicle Conversion And Panel Repair Adhesive Range Products

Tuskbond One FR 500ml Aerosol

Aerosol Based General Purpose Contact Adhesive

Adhesive for repair of exerior caravan panells

High solids sprayable contact adhesive suited for bonding curved surfaces

Sprayable Polyurethane contact adhesive for high temperature applications

Sprayable, synthetic rubber-based contact adhesive can be used as a one-way stick product

Sprayable, synthetic rubber-based contact adhesive.

MS Polymer adhesive sealant approved for use in food contact areas

Single part solvent-free water-based panel bonding adhesive suitable for use on porous walls.

Polyurethane based high temperature contact adhesive

Sprayable Methylene Chloride free contact adhesive.

Three minute very fast curing Structural MMA Adhesive.

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