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Jowat 223.00 Postforming PO Hotmelt

Jowat 223.00 Postforming PO Hotmelt

Jowat 223.00 is a Polyolefin (PO) hot melt adhesive for use in Postforming applications.
It offers short open time, high heat resistance. Excellent resistance to oxidation and colour stability in the melt.
Processing on automatic units with wide slot nozzle and roller.

Available as Granules in 25Kg Bags.

Processing temperature [°C]: 190 – 210
Appearance: Beige
Softening range [°C]: approx. 145 ± 5 (Kofler bench)
Open time at 190 °C [s]: approx. 4 ± 2 (Jowat test method)

Viscosity at 200 °C [mPas]: 36,300 ± 7,800
(Brookfield, Thermosel, spindle 28, 5 rpm)

Wood moisture content should be at 8 – 10 %. Minimum temperature of substrates and ambient air should not be below 18 °C. Avoid draught.

Preliminary cleaning while hot by scraping with a spatula. Remove any residues when cold with Jowat® Cleaner 402.40.

Key features

  • Solvent free option
  • High temperature resistance

Base Polyolefin (PO) hot melt

Viscosity 36,300 ± 7,800 mPas


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