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EFD/Nordson DK Range Manual dispenser

EFD/Nordson DK Range Manual dispenser

Our manual dispenser features a versatile, compact, durable, and well-balanced design providing trouble-free point-of-use dispensing.

Key Features:

  • Better Ergonomics, Lighter and more compact
  • Lower Cost and Better Delivery
  • More Versatile: Accepts all ratios
  • Durable: Designed to eliminate cartridge cracking

            Part Number                              Description

  1. 7703145 (DK-104)                        Dispenser & 1:1 Plunger
  2. 7703160 (DK-105)                        Dispenser & 2:1 Plunger
  3. 7703161 (DK-106)                        Dispenser & 4:1 Plunger
  4. 7703162 (DK-107)                        Dispenser & 10:1 Plunger
  5. 7703139 (DK-101-01)                  Dispenser Only
  6. 7703040 (D-102) 1:1                   Plunger Only
  7. 7703043 (D-103) 2:1                   Plunger Only
  8. 7703045 (D-104) 4:1                   Plunger Only
  9. 7703046 (D-105) 10:1                 Plunger Only

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