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Jowat 221.00 Polyolefin Edgeband Adhesive

Jowat 221.00 Polyolefin Edgeband Adhesive

Jowat 221.00/01 is a Polyolefin based hotmelt adhesive designed for slow to medium speed automatic edgebanding machines.

Processing temperature: 170 – 190 °C;
Feeding speed: 12 – 25 m/min;
Package Size: 25Kgs Bag;
Colour: 280.30 – Natural and 221.01 for White

Key features

  • Premium Polyolefin hotmelt
  • Higher temperature resistance in final bond
  • Higher chemical resistance in the final bond
  • Unfilled
  • Runs at lower temperature
  • Runs cleaner in the melt tank
  • Good half way option between EVA and PUR adhesives

Base Polyolefin Hotmelt Adhesive

Viscosity 23,200 ± 5,200 mPas @ 200C

Softening Point  + 155 ± 5 C (Kofler)

Open Time 10 ± 2 sec at 190 °C

Technical Data Sheet

Jowat 221.00 Brochure

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