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The Power to Imagine Series – Nullifire Passive Fire Protection Products: Designed to save lives!

We offer a range of Nullifire Third Party Certified products that form a vital component of any fire strategy. Passive Fire Protection (PFP) can be built into the structure of a building to resist a fire during a given time thereby safeguarding people’s lives and limiting the financial impact of damage to buildings and their contents.

PFP does this by:

  • Limiting the spread of fire and smoke by containing it in a single compartment,
  • Protecting escape routes for essential means of escape,
  • Protecting the building structure thereby ensuring its sustainability.
Passive Fire Protection methods are known as “Passive” because they work without any human intervention or external energy input. The aim of Passive Fire Protection is to allow the evacuation of people and the intervention of the emergency services, confining the fire for as long a duration as is possible within a compartmentalised space.
FS702 Intumastic Fire Resistant Acrylic Sealant:

Water-based acrylic sealant which cures to give a firm but flexible fire seal. Suited for use around non-combustible services, cables, rock fibre insulated non-combustible pipes, Window and Door joints



FF197 Gun Grade Fire Rated PU Foam

Nullifire FF197 Canister 4 Hour Fire Foam

A modified, single component, fire rated PU foam used to seal door frames, window frames and linear gaps throughout the fire rated areas of a building.

FO100 Putty Pads

FO100 non-setting, intumescent, silicone based putty pad

non-setting, intumescent, silicone based putty pad for sealing around plastic and metallic electrical backing boxes.



FP170 Intucollar Intumescent Pipe Collar

FP170 Intucollar comprises of a stainless steel shell and a reactive intumescent lining which expands when exposed to fire.

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FS703 is a low modulus, neutral cure, silicone sealant, suitable for linear gaps sealing in order to reinstate the fire performance in compartment walls & floors.

FS709 Intumastic HP Intumescent Sealant
FS709 is a high expansion/pressure exerting, graphite intumescent sealant. FS709 expands when exposed to fire, designed to close off gaps and penetrations in compartment walls and floors to provide up to 4 hours fire resistance. This product has been formulated to close off combustible pipe penetrations in the event of a fire, negating the need for pipe closers or wrap systems.


Fire Stopping Solutions, when correctly installed into the building structure, can close joints, seal gaps and compartmentalise fire and create time to facilitate building evacuation. We are more than happy to discuss how these and other products can add value and safety to existing developing projects.

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