Nullifire FP 170 Intumescent Pipe Collars

FP170 Intumescent Pipe Collars are designed to maintain the fire resistance of floors and walls when penetrated by combustible pipes. Under fire conditions, the intumescent filler expands to many times its original thickness exerting pressure on the softening pipe and closing the opening with a dense block of fire resistant char. FP170 may additionally be used around insulated combustible pipes or continuously insulated non-combustible pipes.

Fire Classification to EN 13501-2 and CE Mark (ETA 17/0136)


Flexible Walls (stud partitions) or rigid walls (masonry, concrete) of 100 mm minimum thickness
Rigid (concrete) floors of 150 mm minimum thickness
All testing undertaken using uncapped pipes (U/U) with specification applicable to all types of plastic pipe end uses including ventilation pipes
Mechanical and durability testing to ETAG 026-2; Y2 (internal use within full ambient temperature range inclusive of temperatures less than 0°C)

Key Features:

Fire Classification to EN 13501-2 and CE Mark (ETA 17/0136

Suitable for use with a wide range of plastic, metal and insulated pipes

Can be used for applications in walls and floors

Simple to use, one-piece design saves time on site

Water resistant

No corrosive: inert product

Base: Silicone with metal collar

Packaging:   55 mm, 82 mm,110 mm, 160 mm



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