Nullifire FS 709 Graphite Intumescent sealant

FS709 is designed to close off gaps and penetrations in compartment walls and floors, to provide up to 4 hours fire resistance. This product has been formulated to close off plastic pipe penetrations in the event of a fire, negating the need for pipe closers or wrap systems. FS709 is suitable for the following service penetrations up to 125 mm; PVC pipes, ABS pipes, HDPE pipes including Armaflex and glass wool insulation. FS709 can also be used with metallic pipes, cables and cable bunches including telecommunication cables, cable trays and cable ladders.

Key Features:

Certified to the latest European standards EN 1366-3 and EN1366-4, Classified to EN 13501-2:2007Up to 240 minutes fire resistance

A+ internal air quality rating

Can be used in FB750 Batt

Tested with combustible pipes up to 125 mm

Tested for use in linear gaps up to 25 mm

Tested with metallic pipes, cables, cable bunches, cable trays and cable ladders

Base: Graphite

Curing: RTV Curing

Viscosity: Gun applied

Packaging: 310 ml cartridges.


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