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The Power to Imagine series – New dispensing solutions from PIZZI

We are very proud to now offer the full range of PIZZI dispensing solutions to ensure our customers get the best possible results when applying their adhesives.

Pizzi started as a cabinetmaker shop in 1958 but as the company expanded, they found it difficult to get dispensing equipment for the adhesives they used in the factory. This led them to start developing their own dispensing equipment to meet their needs and finally in 1975 the company changed focus to specialise in solely manufacturing dispensing equipment for the woodworking industry. This foundation of being routed in the woodworking industry has helped the company develop many award-winning products that help woodworkers all over the world to apply the required amount of adhesives in a clean and efficient manor every day.

To get the best results from your bonding process it is necessary to ensure the following.

  1. The correct amount of adhesives is applied, too much adhesive can result in long cure times or in some cases a weaker bond.
  2. Ensure the adhesive is applied to the correct area.
  3. Have a dispensing setup that is easy for the operator to use and clean up after use.


Pizzi hand glue applicators are highly efficient hand-held units that facilitate a rapid, even coating of all types of spreadable adhesives including . . .
Pizzi 1094 is a ready to go pressure pot, hose and spray gun for the application of water-based and solvent based sprayable adhesives. . . . .
Pizzi 9001 pressurised glue pot suitable for applying PVA glue economically and efficiently with minimal wastage. A wide variety . . . .
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