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The Power to Imagine series – “A Zero Bondline” – Unfilled PUR & EVA Edgebanding Adhesives

ECT Adhesives solutions are proud to be the Irish distributor for Jowat Adhesives. Jowat was founded in 1919 and has manufacturing sites in Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia and the USA.Manufacturing over 90,000 tons of adhesives per year, with in excess of 1200 employees, Jowat provides innovative and powerful industrial adhesives, tailor-made for their customers in a variety of industries. Jowat offer a range of PUR and EVA Unfilled Edgebanding Adhesives which are widely used by processors all around the world due to their impressive bonding strength and high yield, facilitating virtually invisible bondlines – the so-called “optical zero joints” particularly on dark substrates. Here is just a sample of the innovative products we can now offer you.

JOWAT 608.00/0.1 unfilled PUR:

JOWAT 608.00/0.1 unfilled PUR

  • Excellent Thermal Stability;
  • High initial strength;
  • Clear bondline;
  • Lower processing temperature;
  • Precise, stringing-free application;
  • Available in 500gm Granule Tins & 2Kg Slugs;
  • Available in Clear and White.
Jowatherm®280.30 unfilled universal EVA
  • General-purpose adhesive for straight edgebands, softforming and BAZ;
  • For bonding thermoplastic, HPL, CPL, resinated paper, solid wood and veneer edgebands;
  • Available in 25Kg Granule bags;
  • Also available in White

 Jowatherm®280.30 unfilled universal EVA

Jowatherm®280.58 unfilled EVA

    Jowat 280.58 Unfilled EVA Edgebanding Hotmelt
  • Transparent and crystal clear in the melt.
  • For application by Roller and Nozzle.
  • High initial strength & good heat resistance, providing “Zero-bondline,” even on dark decors;
  • Suitable for Straight Edging, Soft Forming and BAZ;
Complete range 

RIEPE® Solutions available:

Riepe Cleaning Solutions

Release Agents:

LP113/03, LPZ/II®, TH97, NFLY®, LP120 /12®

Antistatic-Cooling Agent LP289 / 99®

Cooling Agent WZG 12® ,
Cleaning Agent: 
LP163 / 93®,

Waxer Agent LP175 /11

Riepe Cleaning Solutions – Details Here

RIEPE® LP305/98: Manual Cleaning Solution
Specially designed for those who do not have Spraying Systems fitted to their equipment and regularly use other harsh solvents such as thinners to clean off excess glue, RIEPE® have introduced LP305/98 Manual Cleaning Fluid. 

RIEPE® LP305/98: Manual Cleaning Solution

RIEPE® LP407/13: Chain Plate Cleaner 

Contaminated chain plates lessen the grip on the board requiring the applied pressure of the top belt to be increased. Contaminated chain plates can result in markings on the board. LP407/13 is specially developed for the cleaning of chain plates, top pressure belts and rubberised roller conveyors.

ECT Adhesives does not just sell a product, we take an application from the beginning to the end providing expert advice and support throughout.

Our experienced and knowledge based technical sales staff have years of adhesive experience and we have a specialist adhesive chemist who works closely with all applications.

Just reply to this email and we will contact you to discuss how ECT adhesives can help you.

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