Jowat 608.00/0.1 Unfilled PUR Edgeband Adhesive

Jowat 608 unfilled PUR provides a translucent bondline, broad spectrum of adhesion, excellent thermal stability and high initial strength, paired with significantly reduced adhesive application amount for almost invisible joints, making this product the top choice whenever requirements in furniture manufacturing are extremely challenging.

  • Processing temperature [°C]: 110 – 130 (depending on application)
  • Viscosity at 120 °C [mPas] : approx. 75,000
  • Appearance:
    • 608.00 = Opaque
    • 608.01 = White

For automatic edgebanders. Wide field of application, e.g. edges made of HPL/CPL, polyester, PVC, ABS, PP, resinated paper, solid wood or veneer.

Key features

  • PUR hotmelt
  • Unfilled
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • High initial strength
  • Clear bondline
  • Lower processing temperature
  • Precise, stringing-free application
  • World‘s first unfilled PUR granulate for edgebanding

Base PUR Hotmelt Adhesive

Processing Temperature  + 110 to 130 C


  • 2.0 kg slugs and 500 gm granule tins
  • Also available as 330gm Screw Top Tube Cartridge – code JOW 608.00-03 – Link to Page.


To view and download Jowat 608 PUR Brochure please Click Here



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