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The Power to Imagine Series – Sealing solutions for the Ductwork And Ventilation Industry

Ductwork or ducts, form part of a ventilation system and are used to convey air throughout a building. They can be fabricated from a range of materials such as Galvanised mild steel, Aluminium, Polyurethane, and phenolic foam panels which have aluminium foil facings bonded on either side.  Fiberglass is also commonly used to provide thermal insulation and sound absorption.

Ductwork supply and return layouts may be complex, branching to all parts of a building.  They run through voids above suspended ceilings, passing between fire compartments, incorporating components such as Distribution boxes, Take-offs, Dampeners for Volume Control, Smoke and Fire as well as Access Points for Maintenance.

ECT Adhesives work with Global providers such as Tremco Illbruck, Nullifire, Siroflex, Tuskbond and Bondchem to offer a range of products to seal duct systems preventing loss of air pressure.

We also supply Fire Stopping Products to maintain system integrity, adhesives to assist with bonding foil facings to foam sections, general Silicone’s, MS Polymers in addition to Thread Lockers to counter issues arising from vibration with AHU’s.

illbruck LD 410

Is a single part gun grade duct sealant. It has been designed for the permanent sealing of low movement assembly joints in low, medium & high pressure ductwork installations preventing loss of air pressure

illbruck LD 410


illbruck OS 120

Is a rapid curing duct sealant which gives a firm but flexible seal in low movement joints. It has been designed for permanent sealing in low, medium & high pressure ductwork installations to prevent loss of air pressure.

Meets requirement of Class C to HVCA standard DW 144.


illbruck OS 120
    Click for Full product details on illbruck OS 120
 Tremco TN 119 Flange Tape

Is a reverse wound closed cell self-adhesive PE foam tape.  The product comprises a conformable 100% closed cell foam coat on one face with a high tack adhesive which is protected by filmic liner. Being closed cell, the product forms an excellent air seal under moderate compression.

Tremco TN 119

Tremco TN 032 Aluminium Tape 

Is a high performance 35 micron soft temper aluminium foil with a bright finish, coated on one side, with pressure sensitive emulsion acrylic adhesive on the other.

 Tremco TN 032

Fire Stopping Products

Nullifire fire stop products have been at the forefront of fire safety during the construction of many new buildings and also used when retrofitting into established buildings to ensure compliance with all regulations.

ECT Adhesives carry a select range of Nullifire Fire Stopping products in our warehouse in Dublin.  These include:

  • Fire Foam
  • Intumescent Sealants
  • Pipe Collars
  • Putty Pads
  • Fire Rated Silicone

Nullifire fire stopping range

We are more than happy to call to you and demonstrate these product and show how we can make your products better and your workplace more efficient.

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