illbruck OS 120 Rapid Cure Duct Seal

OS120 is a rapid curing duct sealant which gives a firm but flexible seal in low movement joints. It has been designed for permanent sealing in low, medium & high pressure ductwork installations to prevent loss of air pressure.
When correctly applied, the product is capable of sealing to the air leakage requirement of Class C to HVCA standard DW 144.

Joint width and joint depth should not be less than 3 mm to ensure adequate penetration of the sealant and performance. If necessary back fill the joint with polyethylene joint backing in order to control the depth of sealant.

Apply with conventional skeleton gun at temperatures between +5°C and +40°C.

Skin Formation time at +23°C, 50% RH will be < 5 minutes

Key Features

Class C to HVCA standard DW 144.

Rapid curing

Base Synthethic Rubber

Viscosity Hand or Gun applied

Packaging Available 380 ml cartridges


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