Power Adhesives Overtec 5FR

OVERTEC 5 FR is a polyamide resin specifically designed for over-moulding. It is fire retardant and has excellent electrical properties.
Components can be electrically insulated and sealed from water without the need of housing or the use of slow and wasteful 2-component casting/potting resins.
Low cost aluminium moulds can be designed to form Connectors, Grommets, and Housings for electrical and automotive components
The component or cable/s are placed in the low cost tooling and OVERTEC 5 FR is injected using a specially designed glue gun that features both accurate and adjustable temperature control to ensure consistent over-moulding.
Finished component cost, capital outlay and time to market can be reduced significantly.

Key features:

Alternative to over moulding compounds

Simple alternative to two part potting compounds

Very fast cure time

Clean to use no mixing required

Available in amber and black

Packaging: 5 kg box for 15 mm sticks


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