PZ-CON Piezo Electric Valve Controller

The PZ-CON piezo electric valve controller can be configured to independently control up to 4 PZ1200 valves. The pre-fitted driver module(s) uses an amplifier to generate the correct signal wave to actuate and control the piezo elements within the valve ensuring precise dispense control.

The built-in memory allows up to 10 individual programs to be created containing a pulse time and sequencing times & frequency. A built in USB connection also allows for programs to be remotely stored.
Each controller is supplied with three different user adjustable pulse definition profiles, which is critical
when jetting fluid materials in order to minimise fluid build-up on valve seat and unwanted satellites on substrate.

Key Features:

User friendly, 7” touchscreen display.

User configurable I/O.

Control up to 4 valves.

Remote programme backup.

Programmable pulse definition profiles.

Temperature control.

Operator lockout.

Valve purge screen.

10 user programmable memories.

Trigger or continuous operation mode.


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