Apollo A8136 Epoxy Based Adhesive

Apollo A8136 is a two-component, low viscosity, fast-cure, epoxy-based adhesive. It has been designed specifically for application by injection through a nozzle, or hollow needle, and then flows readily to fill the volume or gap into which it has been injected. Being a 100% solids material it will cure in enclosed spaces and not attack sensitive plastics, e.g. polystyrene. Apollo A8136 has been used for the repair of laminated panels where ‘bubbling’ has occurred. In addition, Apollo A8136 may also be used for conventional bonding processes where an epoxy-type is specified and low viscosity is deemed an advantage.

Key Features:

Very good adhesion to Metals

Low viscosity

Easy to mix and inject

Base: Epoxy

Curing: Two part chemical cure

Viscosity: Low


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