Apollo A1014 Polyurethane Adhesive

Apollo Joinery A 1014 is an all-purpose polyurethane gel wood adhesives suitable for a wide range of internal and external applications, including wood jointing, flooring, insulation and offsite construction. They are solvent-free single-component (1K) polyurethane gels, which securely bond wood and other construction materials. They are ideal for both vertical and horizontal surfaces due to their viscous (non-drip) properties. Apollo Joinery A 1014 compatible with most metals, wood and all types of timber, including engineered timber. It is also excellent for fixing carpet grippers and stair nosings, even in high traffic areas.
They are fully waterproof to EN 204 D4 and have excellent weathering and ageing properties. Apollo Joinery A 1014 is also resistant to chemicals and temperatures within the range of -30-150°C.
Once cured, they are sandable and over paintable. Their gap-filling properties cover a multitude of sins, including keeping uneven joints hidden.
Apollo Joinery A 1014 is solvent-free which makes them more environmentally friendly and pleasant to use compared to solvent-based products (VOCs). It also makes them suitable for use on a wide range of projects, even those with high levels of public usage, such as schools and hospitals.
Apollo Joinery A 1014 has an open time of 5 minutes.

Base: Polyurethane

Curing: Moisture curing Polyurethane adhesive

Viscosity: Gun applied

Packaging: 310 ml cartridges



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