3DT Plasma Dyne Pro

Bonding problems are pervasive in manufacturing because many materials refuse to bond to other materials as a result of their chemical structure. PlasmaDyne Pro overcomes these manufacturing challenges.

3DT’s PlasmaDyne Pro generates atmospheric plasma to treat a wide variety of materials used in manufacturing. It is designed to improve the adhesion of ink, paint, and adhesives prior to bonding, coating or printing.

PlasmaDyne Pro produces a highly ionized plasma air stream (similar to lightning) that re-structures the chemical properties of material passed under its treating head. The invisibly altered surface is now capable of powerful bonding with another material. 

Key Features

Adjustable power level up to 500W to achieve desired treatment levels- turn up the power to raise surface energy on resistant substrates or lower the power for delicate substrates.

Colour touch display for monitoring all system parameters, including troubleshooting and fault log.

Modular power supply for treating heads allows for quick, easy changes to keep production running.

Active power correction for the highest efficiency and lowest operating cost.

Compact and economical: PlasmaDyne Pro systems with 3 or more treating heads are now smaller than systems previously produced and more economical as a result.


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