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Graphic illustrating Jowatherm Grow hot melt adhesive for packaging

Exciting News for Sustainable Packaging!

Jowatherm GROW – The Future of Packaging Adhesives

ECT Adhesives are thrilled to announce the arrival of Jowatherm GROW, a pioneering solution in hot melt adhesive technology that’s set to revolutionise the packaging industry.

Crafted with a keen focus on sustainability, it stands out for its high bio-based content and energy-efficient application, ensuring you contribute to a greener future with every package sealed.


  • High bio-based ingredients
  • Lower processing temperature
  • Low stringing and clean adhesive cut-off for minimal waste

Jowatherm GROW’s innovative formulation ensures superior performance while prioritising the well-being of our planet. Perfect for businesses looking to make an eco-conscious choice without compromising on quality.

We are more than happy to call to you and demonstrate this product and show how we can make your products better and your workplace more efficient.

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