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New hot melt adhesive with renewable ingredients.

Jowatherm® GROW marks a milestone in the development of hot melt adhesives, it is based on renewable raw materials with a high bio-based ingredients.

This industry leading hot melt adhesives saves precious resources, due to the formulations with biological components.

Apart from a high content of renewable raw materials, this innovative hot melt adhesive has a lower processing temperature which facilitates a significant reduction in energy consumption and is also kinder on temperature sensetive packaging.

Jowatherm® GROW 853.20 is characterised by very low stringing and clean adhesive cut-off, which prevents the waste of adhesive and the soiling of packaging and machine parts.The very high content of renewable raw materials makes this modern packaging hot melt adhesive ideal for companies that want to avoid the use of fossil-based raw materials as far as possible.

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