The Power to Imagine series - Have you ever imagined a crystal clear bond line on Acrylic and Polycarbonate.

Have you ever imagined a crystal clear bond line for your clear acrylic and polycarbonate.


The traditional method of bonding acrylic and polycarbonate is to use solvents to weld the parts together this method gives a very strong bond and has been the go to solution for a long number of year.


The drawbacks with solvent welding are solvents are dangerous to work with and they can leave a bond line with bubbles which are not astatically pleasing.


ECT’s  newer more modern methods of bonding these materials are as follows.

 Bondchem UV 10 Light curing adhesive

Bondchem UV 10

This is a single part acrylic adhesive which gives a clear bond line and cures on demand in seconds when exposed to a high intensity light.

Learn more about this product here

 Bondchem M455 structurak methacrylate adhesive

Bondchem M455

This is a very fast setting two part structural methacrylate adhesive for use when you want a fast clear bond line.

Learn more about this product here 


Araldite 2028-1

This is a two part clear structural polyurethane adhesive this is especially usefully if the bond line will be exposed to a lot of moisture or movement.

Learn more about this products here


We are more than happy to call to you and demo these products and show how we can make your workplace safer and more efficient.

Just reply to this email and we can can discuss how ECT adhesives can help you.

ECT Adhesives – The Power to Imagine a better manufacturing future.

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