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The Power to Imagine series – Hand dispensing solutions from Fisnar!

Simple manual hand dispensing operations in R&D labs and manual production lines can be accomplished by using some of our simple hand dispensing solutions. These hand dispensers allow you to dispense materials directly for small syringes, cartridges, bottles, and dual cartridges.

Fisnar offers a selection of hand dispensers including options like manual hand dispensers, time and pressure dispense controllers, pinch tube pens and two-part twin cartridge dispensers.

Fisnar DC 100 Dispenser

Fisnar TDC 100 Precision Dispenser

Is a versatile precision dispenser designed to suit a wide variety of dispensing applications, from microdot deposits and lines, to large potting and filling. Integral and intelligent dispense software allows the user more control over dispensing applications.

Programmable alarms can be set to notify the user when material life has ended or fluctuations in dispensing pressure have occurred. The user-friendly programming allows for up to 10 programs saved and 5 different dispense modes.

Fisnar 700 TPCW Pinch Tube Pen Dispenser

Fisnar 700 TPCW Pinch Tube Pen Dispenser

Is an ideal applicators for manually dispensing continuous beads or applying microdots of low viscosity liquids such as solvents and cyanoacrylates.

The disposable pinch tube is the only part of the pen that is in contact with the material and discarded when contaminated. The pinch tube pen can be connected via a wide range of interchangeable fittings to gravity-fed or pressurized reservoirs.


Fisnar JD927 Manual Syringe Barrel Dispenser

Fisnar JD927 Manual Syringe Barrel Dispenser

Is lightweight and comfortable with an easy twist-on barrel mounted design. Each squeeze of the trigger advances the plunger by 0.24″ (6mm) dispensing a precise amount of material every time.

These dispensers are capable of dispensing most fluids by using a finger-tip control and push button plunger release.

Fisnar DTD50 Dual Cartridge Dispenser

Fisnar DTD50 Dual Cartridge Dispenser

Is a pneumatically controlled dispense tool for precisely dispensing two-part materials packaged into 50ml A-style and B-style dual cartridges. It can be used with 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, and 10:1 mix ratios.

With its simple design and operation, accurate and repeatable fluid deposits are quickly and easily created when connected to a dispense controller.

Fisnar Dispensing Consumables Range

Dispensing Consumables

Fisnar offers a wide variety of dispensing consumables these include tip and needle types including tapered tips, PTFE tips, blunt end tips, Micro-S precision dispensing tips and stainless steel tips – all with luer lock fittings.

We also offer a range of cartridges, barrels, pistons, caps and barrel adapter kits.

All these dispensing consumables are designed to help ensure easy and accurate dispensing of liquids and pastes.

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