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The Power to Imagine series - A sprayable hotmelt adhesive in handy to use slugs.

The traditional way to bond foams together in the upholstery and mattress industry is to use solvent- based contact adhesives or hotmelt adhesives from bulk hot melt melters.

These products are still very usefully for these applications, but we would like to offer a newer and very innovative solution which could help some of our customers.

We would like to introduce the new range of spraytec hot melt slugs from Power adhesives.

These products have numerous advantages to offer you.

  • They come in handy 43 mm slugs so very easy to handle
  • No need to wait for melt tanks to heat up
  • They are solvent free
  • They are one-way stick so you only need to apply to one surface
  • They have extended open times to allow time to work
  • They have high adhesion even onto surfaces that are normally difficult to bond to
 Spraytec 425

Sprayable hot melt for mattress assembly


Spraytec 430

Sprayable hot melt slugs for difficult surface


Spraytec 6300-43 

Low output Hotmelt gun for 43 mm slugs


Spraytec 7300-43

High output Hotmelt gun for 43 mm slugs

We are more than happy to call to you and demo these products and show how we can make your workplace safer and more efficient.

Just reply to this email and we can can discuss how ECT adhesives can help you.

ECT Adhesives- The Power to Imagine a better manufacturing future.



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