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The Power to Imagine Series - A Smart Total Solution for Needle Manufacturing.

A very important field of application for adhesives in medical systems is needle bonding and syringe assembly.  To get the very best results in high volume production it is important to optimally match the adhesive with the curing and dispensing system.

To give their customers the very best solution Panacol, Hönle and Bdtronic occasionally partner to ensure they offer the best adhesive for the application with precise adhesive dosing and curing occurring in seconds.

The correct adhesive for these applications  must provide high mechanical bond strength which can withstand sterilization, allow high-precision and speed production and in some cases facilitate bond line inspection for quality control purposes.

Panacol’s Vitralit® adhesives are available in various viscosity ranges to perfectly fit the design of the needle hub and fill the gap between the hub and the needle. They are formulated to achieve very high bond strengths on all the materials commonly used in needle manufacture. They are formulated to cure with UV or Visible light this can be very important when the hub material is not transparent or made of materials like polycarbonate that block UV light getting to the bond line.

All Vitralit® adhesives for needle bonding are solvent-free and certified USP Class VI and/or ISO 10993 for use in medical equipment.

The correct adhesives requires a matching dispensing system for reliable and precise dispensing in a rapid production environment. Panacol work with with Bdtronic among others to give manufacturers the best and most reliable process possible. With the mini-dis solution provided by Bdtronic, dispensing in the micro-liter range is made easy, regardless of the adhesive viscosity. Thanks to the continuous volumetric dispensing, this is pulsation free ensuring optimal process speed, repeatability and accuracy.

Finally, the choice of the UV curing equipment depends on the adhesive chosen and the wavelength which triggers polymerization. For needle bonding with Vitralit® products you can use either UV-A or visible LED light. Due to a special LED assembly and an optimized electric power supply, Hönle LED Powerline LC guarantees a high-intensive irradiation for fastest curing and the shortest cycle times.  In addition, the irradiation time can be selected in a range of 0.01 – 99.99 sec and thus precisely adapted to the process requirements.

Hönle LED Powerline heads have a compact design for an easy integration into any production line. The high-intensive, water-cooled LED-UV is suitable for clean room operation.

About Bdtronic

Bdtronic is a global mechanical engineering company in the field of 1C and 2C dispensing technology, plasma pre-treatment, heat staking and impregnation technology for electric drives. Our mission: We build excellent machine solutions for the future of mobility and living.

About Hönle

Dr Hönle AG, head of Hönle Group, is one of the world’s leading suppliers for industrial UV technology. The UV specialist, who is noted on the stock exchange, develops, manufactures and distributes UV/LED-UV systems, UV lamps and UV measuring equipment, worldwide. The systems are used for the cross-linking of photo-reactive substances, for air and surface disinfection, solar simulation and lighting.  Hönle products are used at manufacturing processes in electronics, microelectronics, precision engineering and the optical industry, as well as in the printing, coating, automobile, aerospace, pharmaceutical and the photovoltaic sectors.

About Panacol

Panacol-Elosol GmbH, a member of the global Hönle group, is an international supplier of adhesives with an extensive product range that includes UV curable adhesives, structural adhesives, and conductive adhesives. Panacol offers a wide selection of medical grade adhesives, formulated specially to meet the requirements of medical devices manufacturers.

Smart Needle Bonding Video 

Here is a quick video to see the entire process.

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