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The new High Temperature Resistant Medical Grade Adhesive!

Panacol release their new Panacol ISO 10993-5 certified adhesive with High Temperature Resistance.

Panacol’s new epoxy resin based Vitralit® 1605 adhesive is particularly unique due to its high glass transition temperature and is therefore very useful for applications where high temperature resistance is important. This Bio-Compatible adhesive cures under UV light & is suitable for Medical Device assembly.

Vitralit® 1605 is transparent, very easy to dispense and has excellent adhesion to glass and metal.

It is ideal for fixing glass & rod lenses in endoscopes or for bonding lens stacks.

Vitralit® 1605 can be cured under UV light in the wavelength range from 320 nm to 390 nm. It also features a thermal initiator that enables secondary curing of shadowed areas if necessary. To get the very best curing results we recommend UV lamps from Dr. Hönle AG which are well-matched for this adhesive, delivering a very fast and consistent curing processes.

When fully cured, Vitralit® 1605 is characterised by excellent chemical resistance and very low shrinkage. In addition, it has a very high glass transition temperature of 150°C and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. This provides the ability to bond components that require maximum stability during elevated operating temperatures. Furthermore Vitralit® 1605 can withstand the typical sterilization processes.

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