Siroflex Contractors Caulk

Contractors Acrylic Caulk

Siroflex Instant Plaster Filler

Instant plaster filler can be overpainted in 20 minutes

Siroflex Anti Crack Caulk


Siroflex polyflex

Polyurethane adhesive sealant.

Siroflex Mitre Bond Kits

High Strength Mitre Bond Kits

Siroflex Premium Bath and Sanitary Silicone image - ECT Adhesives

Siroflex Premium Sanitary Silicone

Premium Sanitary Acetoxy Silicone - Anti Fungal

Siroflex Contractors LMN Silicone

Contractors LMN silicone

Siroflex General Purpose Silicone

General Purpose Acetoxy silicone

Siroflex Premium LMN Building Silicone

Premium building silicone

Siroflex Glue Screws

Solvent free acrylic based panel adhesive.

Siroflex Grip and Grab

Instant grab adhesive based on hybrid technology.

SX Seal and Fix MS Polymer adhesive sealant image - ECT Adhesives

Siroflex seal and fix

MS Polymer adhesive sealant approved for use in food contact…

Siroflex Clearbond MS Polymer adhesive sealant clear image- ECT Adhesives

Siroflex Clearbond

Clear MS Polymer adhesive sealant