Araldite 2015-1 Epoxy adhesive image - ECT Adhesives

Araldite 2015-1

Epoxy adhesive Ideal for bonding GRP, SMC and dissimilar substrates.

Huntsmann epibond 8000 FR

High temperature resistance aerosol contact adhesive

Araldite 2028-1

Clear UV stable Polyurethane Adhesive

Araldite 2051 MMA adhesive image

Araldite 2051

Fast curing MMA adhesive designed to cure in wet conditions

Araldite 2050 MMA adhesive image

Araldite 2050

Very fast curing MMA adhesive designed to cure in wet…

Araldite 2022 MMA adhesive image

Araldite 2022-1

Thirty minute structural MMA adhesive

Araldite 2021-1 MMA adhesive image

Araldite 2021-1

Three minute very fast curing Structural MMA Adhesive.

Araldite 2015 (Av 5308 / hv 5309-1)

Araldite 2015 is a two component, room temperature curing paste…

Araldite 2014-2 image - ECT Adhesives

Araldite 2014-2

Araldite 2014-2 is an Epoxy with excellent environmental and chemical…

Araldite 2012 Structural epoxy adhesiveive image

Araldite 2012

Araldite 2012 is multipurpose very fast curing Epoxy Resin

Araldite 2011 Structural epoxy adhesive image

Araldite 2011

Araldite 2011 is a multipurpose epoxy with long open time

Araldite 2010

Araldite 2010 is a fast cure, multipurpose, two component, room…