Bondchem WT 05 High Strength Anaerobic Thread Locker

Bondchem WT05 is a high strength anaerobic threadlocker, designed to permanently lock metal threaded components. WT05 locks fasteners up to 25mm in diameter, sealing against leakage and corrosion. WT05 is thixotropic, which reduces the migration of the liquid adhesive following application. Once cured, the WT05 resists attack from most fuels, lubricants and even most industrial gases

Key features:

High strength permanent threadlocker

Resistant to most fuels, lubricants and even
most industrial gases

Quick fixture time

Produced from the latest non-hazardous technology incorporating a bespoke group of high purity raw materials. This unique future proof technology ensures that the product label requires no hazard symbols or risk and safety phrases, and enables the product to comply with even the most stringent health and safety requirements.

Base: Modified Acrylate

Viscosity at 20°C: 400 – 800cps

Fixture time stainless steel at 25°C: 30 min

Temperature range: -53°C to 148°C


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