Jowatherm PO Hotmelt 232.30

Jowat 232.30 is a Polyolefin hot melt adhesive for lamination of foam and covers in the mattress and upholstery industry.

Jowat-Toptherm® 232.30 is characterised by superior processing performance on automated bonding units and can also be applied by manual spraying. The fast build-up of strength facilitates shorter process cycles. Assembly and pressing times can be reduced and the output grows and consequently efficiencies can be improved.

Jowat-Toptherm® 232.30 provides a permanent bond and soft bondline for the highest quality and comfort demands.

Compared to the solvent-based adhesives which are still used in mattress manufacturing, PO hot melt adhesives are free from solvents, thus reducing the exposure to hazardous substances at the workplace and provide a major input into the protection of the environment.  Importantly, this material meets the requirements according to ÖkoTex 100 standards, LGA, Blue Angel and IKEA, which is a major bonus of this material.

Jowatherm 232.30 is the perfect go to product for the assembly of innerspring mattresses; bead application or by spraying.

Key features:

Polyolefin hotmelt.

High availability of the assembly lines.

precise dosing of the bead application.

Good penetration and adhesion to nonwovens.

High initial strength.

Fast build-up of adhesion.

Reliable handling of the innersprings directly after assembly.

Roll-Pack possible.

Base: Polyolefin Hotmelt Adhesive

Softening Point:  + 80 C

Packaging: Box containing 12Kg of pillow pouches

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