Jowat 103.30

For all bonding purposes requiring increased resistance to wet environments, e.g. for doors, windows and furniture in high-humidity areas. General-purpose glue for soft and hardwood bonding, as well as for particleboard and other wood-based substrates. For high frequency bonding, also for laying parquet and laminate (tongue-and-groove) flooring and for veneering purposes. Flat lamination of wood-based substrates with finish foils, pressure laminates in cold and warm pressing procedures, and HF methods. Also for paper doubling.

With wheelmark approval. For the manufacture of building elements that have to meet the IMO Resolution A.1/3.18 e “low flame-spread characteristics”, the maximum application amount of 150 g/m² may not be exceeded.

This is a PVAc D3 glue with high heat resistance (WATT ’91)  Also available is 103.30 PVAc D4 glue which has 5 % (ppw) of Jowat® Crosslinking Agent 195.40 mixed into it.  This means it meets IMO Resolution A.1/3.18 e “low flame-spread characteristics”

Machines and equipment may be cleaned after use with warm or cold water, using Jowat® Cleaner Concentrate 192.40.

Viscosity at 20 °C: [mPas]: 12,500 ± 2,500 (Brookfield, RV, spindle 6, 20 rpm)

Base: PVA

Solids content: 2 h at 90 °C [%]: 52 ± 2

Available: 25Kg drums and also in 1,100 Kg IBC’s by request



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