Araldite 2015-1

Thixotropic, gap-filling, two component epoxy adhesive which provides a strong and resilient bond on composites (GRP/SMC, CFRP), metals, wood, ceramic and glass.

This adhesive has excellent weather resistance making it suitable for external applications in rail, marine, transportation and aerospace where parts are exposed to the environment. Whilst the high shear and peel strength provides resistance to vibrations and dynamic loads.

The adhesive is non-sagging up to 10mm thickness, making it suitable for vertical applications and for filling gaps to create an air tight seal.

Araldite 2015-1 cures at room temperature.

Key Features:


Toughened paste

Ideal for bonding GRP, SMC and dissimilar substrates

Gap filling and non-sagging up to 10mm thickness

Good resistance to weathering

Base: Epoxy

Curing: Two-part Chemical cure

Viscosity: Thixotropic paste

Pot Life: (in mixer nozzle at 23 C) 45-55 mins

Light Handling strength: (1MPa) @ 23 C 4 hours



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