Apollo A7532 Lamination Adheisve

Apollo Lamination (A7532) was developed specifically for the manufacture of a wide range of panels, including doors, cold stores, caravans and SIPs. It is a solvent-free single-component (1K) moisture-curing polyurethane (MCPU) adhesive, which securely bonds a wide range of materials/substrates including metals, GRP, plywood, plastics and most types of insulation (EPS, PIR and XPS).
It offers a long open-time of 30 minutes and cure-time of 90 minutes to give you enough time to complete essential tasks.
Apollo Lamination (A7532) was specifically formulated to offer a low coat-weight and one-way stick application to ensure economical usage.
Apollo Lamination (A7532) forms a flexible high-strength waterproof bond, which is resistant to water, extreme temperatures (-30-150°C) and even chemicals once fully cured. It also exhibits excellent aging properties.
Apollo Lamination (A7532) is a solvent-free polyurethane adhesive, which helps to meet a growing number of green issues. It also makes the product more pleasant for your employees to use, creating a more comfortable working environment.
Apollo Lamination (A7532) can be applied with most types of spray equipment, but for best results Apollo recommends high volume low pressure (HVLP) spray guns to reduce overspray.

Base: Polyurethane

Viscosity: Spray Applied

Packaging:  20 lt , 205 lt drums and 1000 KG IBC



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